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Wire Harness Tool Set - 234567891890 76 11 7 3 DASH DISASSEMBLY (Figure G) F)(Figure H) 6. For models with a 4.2-inch display screen and SYNC®: Remove the (2) 9/32” screws securing the …, by

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    234567ˇ˘ ˘ ˇ7 6 7 5 From the 16-pin harness with stripped leads to the aftermarket radio: • Connect the Red wire to the accessory wire. Note: If also installing an ASWC-1 (sold separately), there will be a Red wire on the 6514 harness to connect as well..



    4 2345536623578699919990 3 DASH DISASSEMBLY (CONT) Toyota Celica 2000-2005 1. Unclip and remove the gear shifter trim bezel and remove (2) Phillips screws exposed below the climate controls..



    2 2345536623578699919990 3 1. Remove the left and right shifter side trim panels. (Figure A) 2a. Auto transmission vehicles: Unclip the shifter trim. (Figure B) Note: The boot and knob will remain in place..